Children and Families

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'its easier to strengthen a child than repair an adult'


Face to face sessions available

Many children and young people can find life difficult and distressing lacking the ways and means to be able to understand what is happening to them, describe the impact on them and develop positive coping strategies.


This has lead to a major increase in mental health difficulties such as anxiety, depression, mood swings, OCD, phobias, self- harm, eating and sleeping difficulties, anti-social or aggressive behaviour, and poor school attendance.


Bullying, academic pressures, family issues, bereavement, loss, friendship, and peer difficulties, gender and sexuality issues can often be the cause of the unhappiness, distress that they lack the skills to express safely. Coping with academic pressures, change and friendships issues can also increase their difficulties.


Children and young people with additional needs such as ASD, ADHD or learning difficulties can have greater difficulty in understanding and managing their emotional reactions to situations with have poorer mental health as a consequence. 


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Emotional Coaching

Face to face or dedicated video call sessions available

A growing number of psychologists argue that emotional intelligence is the foundation or success in life, however, developing emotional intelligence for many children is neither straightforward nor easy.


This can be for a variety of reasons; early life difficulties, exposure to traumatic events, bullying, long-term anxiety or stress, living with family mental illness or substance abuse as well as neurological conditions such as ADHD or ASD and specific learning difficulties can mean that the development of emotional literacy is delayed or undermined.

Emotional coaching is not the same as counselling but helps promote change and wellbeing providing age-appropriate understandings of the basis of emotional literacy and a programme of evidence-based skills and tools to help them manage and regulate their reactions to situations. 


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Individual consultation or workshops

Families come in all shapes and sizes and family life is often lived very differently depending on circumstances, financial situation, culture and geographical location.


All families though can go through times of stress and difficulty as they work to care for and raise their child as best they can in today's constantly changing world. Sometimes it can be even hard to enjoy the joys of family life because of the pressures this often brings.


Parenting can often feel with a lonely and overwhelming struggle.


A chance of individual support or meeting with others with similar concerns can be an effective and invaluable way of gaining new perspectives, skills and confidence for the challenges parenting bring- whatever the age of your child!



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